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Bradley Cooper may be onto something bigger when it comes to pill popping for financial gains.

It’s been said, with great power comes great responsibility but don’t tell that to Eddie (Bradley Cooper). As a struggling writer, he yearned to be a more clear minded individual that was smarter, more successful in order to ultimately live a better life. When Eddie was left in the dust of his last girlfriend, his drug dealing ex-brother-in-law offered him the means to bridge the gap, his quality of life improved in such large increments that it was bound to attract attention and trouble. Unfortunately every cheat comes with a price.

Limitless was a thinly veiled tale of drug addiction except it threw a curve ball by making the drug addiction more seductive. Most individuals with a strong sense of morality might not find value in taking even Tylenol for a headache but even the morally strongest individuals could make use of a drug that could solve all your problems. The set up was almost Philip K. Dick-ish because it made a good argument for amorality in a world that never accepted middle aged mediocrity and underachievers.

Director Neil Burger and screen writer Leslie Dixon do a decent job of adapting Alan Glynn’s novel by keeping the film focused on the benefits and stowing away the science that would lose 90% of the audience. Burger capitalized on the materialistic gains, suspense of losing it all, and not overextending the reach of his actors. Similar to JJ Abrams’ Red Matter, NZT didn’t have any explanation of what it does other than dress a clean shaven Bradley Cooper in 20 GQ outfits and lush Manhattan surroundings. However, it did give some interesting allusions to time, space variable and how Eddie was able to see the future before working out in his mind what possibilities laid before him.

DeNiro played opposite of Cooper with very limited material. He wasn’t he main antagonist but the obstacle that kept Eddie from seeing all the angles and when the real opposition appeared, the plot began to dissolve away much like Eddie coming down from NZT. Alas, the movie never captured the first 2/3rds of fun but it did entertain and played every character to their strength.

If I had to rate Limitless, I’d give it a nice smooth Brooklyn Lager but limit myself to just one for the road. Memorable moments but nothing worthy of having another.


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