Fast Five

Posted by ron On May - 2 - 2011

With at least 10 Christ the Redeemer pan shots, was Director Justin Lin paying tribute to Ministry’s Jesus Built my hotrod?

The Fast Five was every thing a thrill seeker wanted out of a guilty pleasure: Fast cars, cool stunts, hot women, exotic locales, a major heist followed by ultra intense chase scenes. Like a short order chef, director Justin Lin served it all up with the right ingredients of testosterone, chrome, and attitude. Having never kept the audience waiting, this film was easily the most satisfying action film in the first third of 2011.
Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster), and Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) are on the run after busting Dominic out of prison. When a Rio de Janeiro kingpin of crime Reyes crossed the line in a deal gone badly, Toretto called in a team of previous Fast & Furious characters to clean him out, literally. Unfortunately Hobbes, a Special Forces agent played by Dwayne Johnson, was brought in to bring down Toretto’s crew. Can these thick as thieves’ characters stay alive long enough to buy back their freedom? Well look at it this way, the ending after the credits should tell you the premise of the 6th F&F

Released on bond from the Disney contract, Dwayne Johnson delivered a much-needed sizable threat to Vin Diesel. He was every bit as intimidating and his fight scene with Vin Diesel invoked the JR WWE RAW comment, “Bah Gawd King! The Rock is Back!” By ante up the complexity of the heist with various threats, this heist was the best of the series. Every character complimented the other, as the focus never went away from being a Heist movie. Most of all Fast Five has a fantastical look at romanticizing good-looking actors living a life on the run. For doing the time to see this film, you’re rewarded with every thing it has to offer.

If I had to rate Fast Five, it’s easily a shot of Jameson…fast, smooth, with a kick. Cheers!

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